Gold Medal Winners 2010


Wallace Thornhill

He has devoted much of his life to the study of plasma and electricity in astronomy. Having posed the key question raised by the theory of recent planetary catastrophe – what is the true nature of gravity? - led to the formulation of the idea of the “Electric Universe”, for which this award is made.


Diego Lucio Rapoport

His research work has focused on developing a unified geometrical theory of spacetime, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics, Brownian motion, non-equilibrium and equilibrium thermodynamics and fluid dynamics, in terms of geometries with Cartan torsion. His main achievement, for which this award is made, is his development of a theory that not only unifies exophysics through torsion fields, but also extends this by surmounting Cartesian dualism and incorporates the mind and subjectivity to physics, establishing a two-way relation between them. This unification of exophysics and the world of the subject is an holographic structure represented by the Klein bottle, which is already present in the visual representation carried by the neurocortex. This transdisciplinary unified conception is based in Steven Rosen's topological phenomenology as well in the phenomenology of Heidegger and Merleau Ponty, Hegel's dialectical philosophy, cognition, perception, second-order cybernetics, semiology, physics, and geometry, a most general tensorial multivalued logic which admits superposition states and which has quantum and fuzzy logics as special cases, is derived in an extremely simple way from paradox and the semiotic codification of torsion. This represents a complete reversion of the current understanding of logic that departed from Aristotle, which have tried to eliminate paradox which has thus been proved to the fundamental to the generation of the laws of thought as much as those of quantum mechanics. In this conception, time waves have a fundamental role.


Chandra Kant Raju

In physics, he defined a product of Schwartz distributions, and proposed an interpretation of quantum mechanics, dubbed the structured-time interpretation, and a model of physical time evolution. Also, he noted that every aspect of special relativity was published by Poincaré in papers between 1898 and 1905 and further noted that Einstein made a mistake on which much of modern physics has been built. He has proposed appropriate corrections. This award is made for these deep insights into these areas of physics.


Reg Cahill

His numerous contributions may all be summed up as being part of Process Physics which he and his group have developed. In short, rather than the static 4-dimensional modelling of present day (non-process) physics, Process Physics is providing a dynamic model where space and matter are seen to emerge from a fundamentally random but self-organising system. This award is made in recognition of this pioneering work in formulating Process Physics.


Peter Gariaev

Amongst other things, Peter Gariaev and his group have explored DNA’s extraordinary electromagnetic properties. He has proved that chromosomes damaged by X-rays, for instance, can be repaired and has shown how this may be accomplished noninvasively by simply applying vibration and language, or sound combined with intention, or words, to DNA. This award is made in recognition of this pioneering work on DNA.


Franco Selleri

From a very early stage in his career, Franco Selleri was worried by several, as he saw it, outstanding problems associated with the foundations of quantum physics and special relativity. His contributions to the foundations of special relativity must be noted in particular because, as a result, we now have a completely new theory which is different from relativity. Hence, although he has made contributions to the foundations of quantum theory, in special relativity he is responsible for creating a completely new theory and it is for this the award is made.


Florentin Smarandache

In theoretical physics, the Smarandache hypothesis promotes the view that, as an extension and consequence of the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox and Bell's inequality, there might be no speed barrier in the Universe. In mathematical logic Smarandache has promoted the notion of neutrosophy, a generalization of the notion of fuzzy sets, in which each logical variable comes with a probability that it is true, false or undetermined. It is for these contributions this award is made.


Roberto Mignani

Following a lifetime of distinguished work in theoretical physics, this award is made in recognition of his fifteen years pioneering work in the founding and development of Hadronic Mechanics with Ruggero Maria Santilli, including his possible interpretation, based on Santilli’s isorelativity, of the large redshifts of quasars.


Aboubakr Bayoumi

This award is made for his research in infinite dimensional complex analysis, functional analysis and geometry, as well as for the important applications in science,and for his formulation of the foundations of complex analysis without a convexity condition.


Richard Amoroso

Although he has published distinguished work in several scientific fields, this award is made for contributions to just two of those fields – for his work on the philosophy of the mind and the newly recognised problem of consciousness, as well as for that on complex systems theory with links to medicine and biology.



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Telesio Galilei Award Pecs Ceremony 2010, Hungary






Pecs Ceremony 2010

Telesio Galilei Award Pecs Ceremony 2010, Hungary


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